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Emergency Appeal


We are thankful for every gift. You can make even more of a difference with a smaller amount every month, supporting long-term projects and helping more children to grow up happy, healthy and safe.

Not this time, thanks

€30 a month could buy enough emergency food and high protein therapeutic biscuits to help 15 malnourished children.

€21 a month could help provide over 400 children with access to clean safe drinking water.

€15 a month could provide enough vaccine doses to protect 20 children against measles and rubella.

€100 could help provide enough emergency medicine, vitamins and nutrients to help 20 children suffering from malnutrition.

€75 could buy exercise books for 180 children and pencils for a whole school.

€50 could buy enough life saving peanut paste to help 7 severely malnourished children for one week.

Sorry, we can only process donations of €1 and above due to admin costs.

11.3 million children in Yemen are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance

Right now, children in Yemen are facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Health systems are collapsing, medicine, clean water and food are all in short supply. Since the conflict began, an average of six children have been killed or maimed every day. No place in Yemen is safe for children.

At least one child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen from malnutrition and preventable diseases

More than 400,000 children in Yemen are suffering from severe acute malnutrition and urgently need life-saving food to survive.

Millions more children lack access to clean water and sanitation facilities and are in desperate need of basic health care.

This crisis is having a devastating effect on children’s lives. We must act now to protect Yemen’s children from the dangers of war, disease and hunger.

How will my donation help children?

UNICEF is on the ground working around the clock to protect children in Yemen. Since the start of the crisis, we have helped to reach more than 4 million children with over 3,000 tonnes of life-saving supplies, including emergency food, safe drinking water and health care supplies.

We need to do more. As the situation gets worse more and more children need our help. We simply don’t have enough funds to reach every child in urgent need. We need to act now before it’s too late.

With your help we can continue to provide essential life-saving supplies to the children who need it the most Please make a donation today

Other ways to donate

You can make a donation by phone, you can reach us on 01 878 3000, our office hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 – 18:00.

You can send your donation by post to

UNICEF Ireland,
33 Lower Ormond Quay,
Dublin D01 R283.

You can help us reach more children affected by the conflict. Please donate today and help us protect children in Yemen.

In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirements for this appeal, your donation will be directed to where the need is greatest.